Sunday, April 11, 2010

Over/Around Window Solar Air Heating Collector -- Help!


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folks have a strong interest in a solar air heating collector that works in conjunction with a regular window.  This is based on the long term popularity of the "Heat Grabber" collector that MEN published a number of years back.
While the Heat Grabber has been popular and works well, it does suffer a bit from limited collection area and, also because it sticks out from the building, which does not fit some situations.  So, the MEN folks are interested in anyone's ideas on how to improve the design.


The link below is my rough first prototype effort at a solar air heating collector that could be installed over a regular window.
The idea is to use the existing window to get air into and out of the collector.  This avoids any need to cut holes in the wall for vents.  It also makes it feasible to just install the collector over the winter.  Some design "challenges" remain.

So, have a look, and if you have any ideas to improve this design or have an alternative design, please leave a comment, or email them in.

Details on the prototype over/around window collector...

The first cut prototype over/around window collector.


The air ducting and screen absorber for prototype collector.


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  1. Hi Gary,
    With your particular situation, I would split the collector in half, lengthwise, and move each section to the sides of the window. In a box at the window, I would extend each inlet to their respective sides and "Tee" the outlet tube to each side. A little more in materials, work and complexity, but allows for existing solar gain of the window itself minus a small percentage for the supply and return. A question for you, though, with a fan is it better to push the denser cool air or pull the lighter warm air? ---Rowland


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