Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some New Content Items for Build-It-Solar

Three New Content Items

1. Lee's Solar Mower

Some time back, Lee sent in the details for his solar lawn mower.  The article basically tells you how to convert a gasoline powered mower to a battery powered electric mower with solar charging.
One issue with doing this is finding a good electric motor.  The one that Lee originally used is no longer available.  So, Lee has found a new source of motors that should work well and are cheap and easy to find....


2. Performance Update for Marc's  Compost Furnace
Last week, Marc provided a description of his system to provide space heating via heat extracted from a compost pile.
Marc has provided some performance data and other observations based on the first full season of operation...

3. A Home Built Grid-Tied PV System with Battery Backup
detailed account of the design and installation of a grid-tied PV system
with battery backup.

A home built ground mount system from treated lumber
is also described.


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