Sunday, June 6, 2010

Got any DIY Pool Heating Ideas? Projects?

During the summer, the Solar Pool Heating page is often the most popular on the site getting about a thousand visitors a day.   So, there is a lot of interest in solar pool heating.  This is good as its probably the most cost effective solar application out there.  

People have worked out several Do-It-Yourself approaches to solar pool heating, and I've tried to provide detailed how-to's for each of them on the Pool Heating page. 

There is so much interest in this area, and it is such a good energy and CO2 saver, that I would like to expand the pool heating page to cover every credible scheme.

If you've done a pool (or hot tub) heating project or know of a link to a project, or have a idea on solar pool heating then please send it in -- there will be lots of people interested in seeing it!

You can leave a comment on this blog entry, or email me  

One thing in particular that is lacking on the page are some good examples of what's involved in buying commercial pool heating collectors and installing them yourself on your pool -- I'd love to add some good, detailed examples.

If you are looking for energy efficient ways to heat your pool, there are a lot of them on the Solar Pool Heating page

My favorite quote on solar pool heating from Tom Lane:

"Three gallons of oil refined and burned provides 400,000BTU ... Once.   Three gallons of oil, made into a 4 by 12 foot solar collector, can provide over 10 million BTUs per year ... year after year."

And, thanks again to all the people who have already sent in their pool heating project details!

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