Thursday, June 10, 2010

NEW: Two solar pool heaters, $1K Solar DHW After a Year, Hybrid Bus

The Mother of All Pipe Coil Solar Swimming Pool Heaters
 This is the Mother of All pipe coil solar pool heaters.  It uses 4000 ft of black poly irrigation pipe. 
A very nicely done project with lots of good detailed pictures, and some performance data.

Details here...

More Information on Tom's Large Pool Heating Collectors
Some additional data on Tom's well designed DIY solar pool heating collector project.
Tom's collectors uses PEX tubing with aluminum fins and (like most pool heating collectors) are unglazed.
Construction details here on BuildItSolar...

More information on Tom's new website....

Update on Woodsy's $1K Solar Water Heating System
Woodsy's $1K Solar Water Heating System is a year old, and he provides and update on the system that includes estimated energy and dollar saving. The first year of operation has been trouble free.

The performance report for 1 year of operation...

Fisher Coach GTB-40 Hybrid Bus
The GTB40 buses from Fisher Coach are about twice as fuel efficient as conventional buses.  There is an all electric version powered by batteries, and a range extended version that uses a CNG powered generator to charge batteries.  The buses are about 1/3 rd lighter than conventional buses due to a stainless steel unibody design.



  1. These hybrid buses have even appeared in Nova Scotia! I will have to look and see if the performance data will be made available.

  2. Hey Rowland,
    Those Nova Scotians are right on the cutting edge!

    It looks like the new GTB also uses a new structural design for the bus that lowers its weight by quite a bit. One article said that it gets 10 mpg compared to 5 for a regular bus. 500 passenger miles per gallon -- not bad.


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