Monday, August 9, 2010

Ken's Solar DIY Clothes Drying Rack

Ken was having trouble finding a good clothes drying rack in the store, so he designed and built this very nice solar clothes drying rack.

He provides full construction details, plans, and pictures.  He even included plans for both a deck mounted one and a ground mounted one.

The rack is built entirely from common hardware store materials -- 2 inch conduit for the post, and plastic deck wood for the arms, ...  You should be able to buy all the materials locally.  All the materials are highly weather resistant, so you should get a good life from the rack.

One of the nice features of the rack is that it allows you to place clothes from the washer on hangers, and then hang the hangers on the rack.  The dry clothes can then be moved directly on the hanger to the closet.

 Ken provides dimensioned drawings for both a deck mounted and ground mounted version of the rack.
With the deck mounted version, you never have to step off the deck to hang clothes on the rack.

All the details on Ken's Solar Clothes Drying Rack here...

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