Monday, August 9, 2010

Ken's Solar DIY Clothes Drying Rack

Ken was having trouble finding a good clothes drying rack in the store, so he designed and built this very nice solar clothes drying rack.

He provides full construction details, plans, and pictures.  He even included plans for both a deck mounted one and a ground mounted one.

The rack is built entirely from common hardware store materials -- 2 inch conduit for the post, and plastic deck wood for the arms, ...  You should be able to buy all the materials locally.  All the materials are highly weather resistant, so you should get a good life from the rack.

One of the nice features of the rack is that it allows you to place clothes from the washer on hangers, and then hang the hangers on the rack.  The dry clothes can then be moved directly on the hanger to the closet.

 Ken provides dimensioned drawings for both a deck mounted and ground mounted version of the rack.
With the deck mounted version, you never have to step off the deck to hang clothes on the rack.

All the details on Ken's Solar Clothes Drying Rack here...

Some additional clothes drying lines/racks and tons of other good conservation ideas here...



  1. Like the hanger idea. sounds more practical than using a drying machine.

  2. This is a pretty impressive clothes line. I really like my laundry drying rack that I can move around the yard and house depending on the weather and the time of day.

  3. Thanks Mary -- that is pretty slick -- nice and compact.


  4. Hi Gary, nice drying rack. It is great it is made of materials easily purchased and has lots of space for clothes.

    If you are interested in a wood drying rack, I sell unique wall mount drying racks which can accommodate up to 5 QUEEN sized bed sheets!

    The best part is the drying rack extends from the wall only 3.5" when not in use so it takes up very little space in the home. The sturdy 1" diameter drying rods won't bend and are made of strong Douglas fir.

    If you would like to check them out please visit

    Hopefully more people will be turning off the most energy intensive appliance in the home.

    Thanks for your post!

    Best regards,

    Miles Hogan, Owner
    The Hogan Wood Company


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