Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great DIY Solar Web Sites -- Guy Marsden's ART TEC Website

I've started a new little section that provides links to some of my favorite DIY renewable energy websites.  All of these sites are the work of one individual, and they all show many innovative and practical ways to save energy and live a more sustainable life.

The first is Guy Marsden's ART-TEC website.

Guy is a multi-talented engineer and his extensive site covers many of his interests.
He has some very detailed how-to's that cover the design, building, and living with solar energy and energy conservation projects.  The projects include solar space heating, solar water heating, solar electricity, a solar lawn mower conversion, and quite a few conservation projects.  The projects are all carefully designed, and they all provide very detailed descriptions on how to build them.

Collectors for Guy's shop solar space heating system.

Guy and I have the same type of self installed micro-inverter PV systems, and we traded quite a few emails during the design and construction.  Since Guy was several months ahead of me on getting it built, most of the information flow benefited  me a lot more than Guy :)

The micro-inverter PV system being installed.

In addition to the energy related projects, Guy also does some beautiful artwork -- both furniture and some very innovative "paintings" from changing light patterns.

Cairo Sunset

The Home Page for Guy's site...

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