Saturday, December 18, 2010

Super Insulated Stock Tank

This is a really nice and simple design from Scott for a well insulated stock tank for horses or other livestock.

It is basically a tank within a tank with the space between filled with insulation.

This shows the two tanks Scott used.  The inner tank is a commercially available heated bucket, so with Scott's design there is no need to have a drop in the tank type heater -- the heater is built into the bucket.

Adding insulation between the two tanks -- see the full story for how best to do this.

And, this is the finished tank.

Scott uses a KillAWatt meter to measure tank heater electricity consumption, and has seen a 61% in heater energy consumption.  A drop from about 6.3 KWH per day down to 2.5 KWH per day!

All the details on building Scott's insulated stock tank...

Details on several other DIY solar and insulated stock tank projects...

Thanks very much to Scott for sending this in!

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