Sunday, March 13, 2011

Solar Powered Transporation for Disasters

I got a very interesting email from Terhesa about transportation in emergencies such as the earthquake in Japan.  She brought up some good points about the advantages of having a solar powered form of transportation for this type of disaster.

She pointed out that  the delivery and dispensing of gasoline depends on electricity at many stages.  This means that many of the people in the area effected by the Japan earth quake and similar disasters are unable to use their gasoline powered vehicles.  In some areas, it seems likely that this will be the situation for quite a while.

Most of us live in areas that are subject to natural or man made disasters that could result in extended periods without electricity, and since the gasoline delivery infrastructure depends on electricity, we would also be without the use of our cars.  In times of emergency, not having transportation could be more than an inconvenience -- for example not being able to evacuate a hazardous area. Having some form of independent transportation could also be very important for procuring supplies during an extended natural disaster.

Terhesa suggested that buying a solar powered scooter or bicycle not only gives you a good, low cost, green form of transportation for normal times, it also provides a means of transport that keeps working in case of disaster -- even extended disasters.  I think this is a great idea.

There are quite a few commercial and DIY electric vehicle projects listed here...

I like for a good rundown on the possibilities bikes to scooters to small E-Cars...

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