Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PV Systems for Homeowner Installation

I added a new section on the PV systems that are just beginning  to come out that are aimed specifically at being installed by the homeowner.  They are small grid tied systems that use microinverters to simplify the systems and to allow one to start with a small system and then easily expand it over time.

The recent news in this area is the announcement from Westinghouse on their new set of systems for homeowners:

Westinghouse announced the release of solar PV kits for DIY installation.  The kit includes the PV modules, microinverters, parts for roof mounting, and the other bits needed to complete the system.  

It appears that each PV module mounts to the roof independently, and that the mounting hardware is included.  It appears that the microinverters are integrated with the PV panel.  The kits will be offered in 3 sizes: 1 panel, 4 panels, and 20 panels, where each panel is 235 watts.  As with all microinverter based systems, it is easy to expand the sytem.

The Westinghouse Solar website provides more information on the system.  There are some resources for DIYers, and what looks to be a detailed and well written installation guide.   Westinghouse appears to be pretty serious about this effort.

The Westinghouse sales person told me that the systems can be ordered via Lowes Hardware, and the the cost for a 4 panel (940 watt) system is about $2600.  This does not include the Enphase EMU monitoring unit, which many people will want to monitor the system.
The system is based on the Enphase microinverter -- you can get a detailed understanding of how this system works and goes together by reading the first two entries in the Grid Tied PV section ...

I would love to hear from anyone who gives this system a try.

Some additional systems and approaches are listed in the new section...


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