Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boat in a Hole -- George's Unique Rootcellar

Could not help passing this on.
This is George's solution for a cost effective, relatively easy to build, and very functional root cellar.

After thinking about a number of ways to build a root cellar for their new place, they tumbled to the idea of using a fiberglass boat hull.  It turns out these are available for reasonable prices.   They provide a good, waterproof and strong root cellar.

Buried for root cellar use.
They use it for both a root cellar and also as a bunkhouse.
The entry.
While I suppose this might seem a bit sad to some boat owners, George points out that there are a number of derelict boats around that will never see use again, and this is a 2nd life that I'm sure any boat would like a lot better than just rotting away unused.

George's full description of the boat for root cellar...

More on various root cellar designs...


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