Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Insulating Window or Door Shutters Using Astrofoil Reflective Insulation

Bruce has worked out a DIY thermal shutter design that uses Astrofoil to provide a high R value, easily installed thermal shutter for windows or doors.

Astrofoil is similar to Reflectex, but is stiffer and holds it shape better for thermal shutters.  Both products are basically polyethylene bubble sheet with a reflective layer on each side.  While the bubble sheet is not thick enough to provide a lot of R value, the two reflective layers and the air films on each side of the foil makes for a good R value thermal shade.

Astrofoil thermal shutters in the open position.

Same shutter closed for the night.

The Astrofoil can be used with or without a frame.  The pictures above show the very nice looking DIY wood frames with Astrofoil inserts, and the picture below shows Astrofoil without a frame placed in a window.  The frameless version is made by just cutting the Astrofoil a little larger than the window frame opening and pushing it into place.

The 5 minute Astrofoil shutter -- cut it out and push it into place.
All the details here...


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