Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Home Page with "Web Walk"

Build-It-Solar has a new home page as of this morning....

About the only significant change is that the "New Content" area has been expanded to include a "Web Walk" section that gives some news items that might be of interest to people who are into renewable energy and building projects. The new page layout also gives a more complete overview of all the subject areas that Build-It-Solar covers.

I added the "News" section because I spend some time on most days looking at quite a few sites for new projects or project ideas, and I thought I might as well pass along other things of interest that I run across.
I plan to add a batch of "News" links every few days -- these sections are labeled "Web Walk" in the "New Projects" column on the home page.

If the new home page gives you any problems, or you have any suggestions, please let me know.



  1. Gary I like the new 'Web Talk' links. There is a lot (perhaps 25% on my netbook with 1024x600 & 96 DPI in Chrome) of white space along the right side of the screen. Perhaps the two columns could be widened out a bit.

  2. Thanks Mike -- I've had the same comment from others -- will think about a good way to use more of the screen width.



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