Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rain Water Collection -- Year Two Update -- Freeze Problem

Our 2200 gallon rain water collection system has been working well, but we did have a freeze damage problem this winter.

The full rain water system is described here...

This winter the first flow diverter reservoir managed to fill up with water and freeze over the winter.  The expanding ice did an impressive job of breaking the large PVC pipe that serves as the reservoir.  The valve at the bottom of the reservoir was open for the winter, but must have plugged up and allowed water to accumulate.

Freezing water breaks the pipe that serves as first flow diverter.

For now, I've just removed the first flow reservoir where it threads into the collection plumbing and put a threaded PVC plug in to make the system functional, but with no first flow diverter.  Will need to work out a better system that is less subject to freeze damage.

A PVC threaded plug replaces first flow reservoir for now.

More details on the 2nd year of operation here...


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