Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Design Challenge: Help ClubRust with Solar Heating Low Income Homes

ClubRust builds several low cost homes for families in northern Mexico each year. They would like to work out a way to insulate and solar heat these homes. The very small budget for these homes makes this a difficult design challenge.

So, here is your chance to help out with some ideas for solar heating and insulating these homes on a tight budget.
The ClubRust crew and one of their homes 
What's Needed:
Most cost effective means to insulate and heat small houses in mild winter climate with little or no electricity.

Ideally the solution would provide heat thru a few cloudy days and cost less than $700.

Typical house is 320sf wood-frame construction on concrete slab -- see the link below for full details.

ClubRust home under construction.

Take some time to think over this solar heating and insulation challenge, and contribute your ideas and  comments at the link just above.


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