Monday, July 15, 2013

Two new resources on the web for the DIY solar crowd

A couple brand new resources available on the web for the DIY solar and renewable energy crowd:

Ask the Renewable Engineer

This is Nick Pine's new blog site.  Nick is a long time solar and renewable energy analyst, designer and innovator.  He is posting solar and renewable energy questions along with answers that include a full analysis.

Nick in his new, 3 story, Low Thermal Mass Sunspace

Hot and Cold TV

For several years, Tom Gocze hosted a TV show in Maine called Hot and Cold TV. 

In each show, Tom goes into a project of interest to DIYers.  Often the topics are renewable energy related.

The shows are factual, down to earth, practical, DIY oriented, innovative, and often funny -- a hard to beat combination.  The unfortunate thing was that if you did not live in Maine the shows were not available.  Now that has changed -- Tom has started a Youtube channel for Hot and Cold TV and has put up a number of the past shows with more to come.

Tom re-plumbs his shop using the Manablok system 

Tom covers the ins and outs of picking a good used pellet stove.


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