Monday, September 9, 2013

Update and Thoughts on Treated Lumber PV Array Mounts

Back in 2009 I built a ground mounted PV array for my house. The mounting system used treated 4 by 4 treated lumber for the mounts.

There was some concern expressed that the treated lumber would not have a good life. So, I've put up a page that covers:

  • How things are going so far with the treated lumber mounts
  • Results of a little research on various types of treated lumber.
  • Ongoing maintenance.
  • A design detail change for better timber decay resistance.

The treated lumber PV array supports

One of the posts after 4 years.
The new page gives some detail on types of treatment you want to use, ongoing maintenance,  better design details, ...



  1. I'm not so concerned about the longevity as I am with the support of the poison industry, which is unsustainable.

    The sustainable choice would be cedar posts that have been charred. We used a fire pit to char our fenceposts a minimum of 6" beyond the amount buried in the ground. My research indicates charred cedar should last 25 or more years -- approaching the lifetime of poisoned posts.

    I understand that copper is less toxic than old arsenic posts. But you're still supporting the poison industry, rather than your local sawyer!

  2. Hi,
    Sounds like that might be an alternative.
    Can you point me to the research that shows the long life?

    I suppose one could argue that treating wood with copper to extend its life by a factor of 6 or so has its own positive sustainability advantages compared to replacing the lumber multiple times.



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