Thursday, December 17, 2009

1 Year Report on Gordon's Deep Energy Retrofit

A few months ago, Gordon and Sue sent in a very complete description of their project to completely remodel a poorly insulated and drafty schoolhouse for their residence.  There goal was to bring it up close to Passive House Institute standards.  Through a combination of an external Larsen Frame insulation scheme, added sun space, much sealing, excellent windows, and passive solar gain additions, they have achieved their goal.
The new sunspace added as part of the retrofit.

Gordon sent in the report after one year.  It covers performance to date (very good), and some fixes they have made to some problems that have come to light while living in the new home.

The very detailed report on the original project, including report, many pictures, and thermal analysis spreadsheet...

The 1 year update report, including performance to date, problem fixing, and updated thermal analysis spreadsheet...

This is the most carefully planned and executed energy retrofit I have seen, and it's really nice to see it living up to expectations.

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