Sunday, December 13, 2009

Storage Tank Kit for DIYers & DIY Solar Kits In General

The Softank is a kit for a 200 gallon water tank for heat storage.  The kit includes the parts that would be somewhat difficult for a DIYer to find or fabricate like the liner and the outer structural support cylinder.  The person building the tank buys the insulation locally, supplies some labor, and saves some money.

Details here...

Note: Heat exchanger not included with tank kit.

I like the Softank kit, but what I like even more is the idea that kits like this could be offered to home owners who want to build solar water or space heating systems.  These kits could bring building such a system to people with modest DIY skills, and also increase the likelihood of a successful build.  

Kits of this kind could include the difficult to obtain and difficult to make parts, while allowing the DIYer to buy readily available parts locally.  This approach avoids shipping large and fragile finished items like collectors, and would save the hassles, expense and CO2 emissions associated with truck shipping finished items.

Well designed kits and good instructions could greatly increase the chances of building a successful system -- even for not so experienced DIYers.

With commercial solar water heating systems selling for north of $8000, there is plenty of room for kit makers to earn a good profit and also save home owners lots of money.  A great opportunity for some new businesses!  How about it entrepreneurs?


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