Thursday, February 11, 2010

Solar Articles from the Fine Homebuilding Magazine Archives

I've been going through the newly available DVD archive of all of the past issues of Fine Homebuilding Magazine.  Fine Homebuilding has been published since the late 70's and has carried some very good articles on solar and energy efficient home construction.  I've added links to my picks of the best articles dealing with energy -- these are listed in New Content on the Build-It-Solar home page, and in the list below.


Here are the articles I liked the most from 1995 up to the end of 2009:

Six Proven Ways to Build Energy
Smart Walls
Bruce Coldham, Fine Homebuilding,
Dec 2009

Spray Foam -- What Do You Really
Bob Yagid, Fine Homebuilding, June 2009

Power House
Bill Heigis, Hobie Guion
Fine Homebuilding issue 203, summer 2009

Design a Home That Keeps You Cool,
William Hoffman, Fine Homebuilding August 2004

Attic Access
Mike Guertin, Fine Homebuilding, July 2002 issue 148

Rainwater Collection Systems,
Peter Pfeiffer, Fine Homebuilding, Nov 2001 issue 142

Thick Walls and a Great Room,
Jan Wisniewski, Fine Homebuilding, summer 2000 issue 131

Concrete Forms
Andy Engel, Fine Homebuilding, issue 128

Off the Grid
in Tucson
Gale Prososki-Marsland,
Fine Homebuilding, June 1997

Building a
Straw-Bale House
Janet Johnston and John Swearingen,
Fine Homebuilding, June 1996 - issue 103

You can get access to back issues of Fine Homebuilding in several ways...
the simplest way to get access to the articles is to do a one month
online subscription -- this is inexpensive, and should gain access to
most past articles.
I'll go through the 70's to 90's as time allows.

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