Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tom's Larger Solar Heating System

Tom sent in the final update on his new solar space and water heating system.  This update covers the storage tank, controls, heat exchanger and integration with the boiler.


This is a really interesting project.  It includes all of the following:
  1. Design and construction of a 336 sqft solar collector -- including some new wrinkles on fin fabrication and installation.
  2. Building the 410 gallon heat storage tank that doubles as a workbench.
  3. Details on the solar  domestic water heating system that utilizes a heat exchanger made from about 200 ft of 3/4 inch rigid copper pipe. 
  4. Details on implementing the radiant floor heating system that pumps hot water directly from the storage tank and requires no heat exchanger.
  5. Details on adding heat input to the tank from a nearby wood boiler in a very simple way.
  6. There is even a way to make use of solar heat on seasonal refills of a hot tub.
Tom's system integrates all of these functions in a simple, straight-forward and cost effective design.

Wood boiler heat source as alternative to solar.

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Thanks again to Tom for taking the time to document this project!


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