Sunday, March 14, 2010

Massachusetts Zero Energy Challenge Winning Home

This is a very impressive less than zero energy home.  It uses a
combination of reasonable size, excellent thermal envelope, very
efficient appliances, some passive and some active solar heating, and a
PV driven mini-split heat pump for additional heat and cooling.

The end result is a true zero energy house that can be built within a reasonable budget.

I cover a few of the highlights below, but all the details on the house are in the article here...

The monthly performance chart below speaks for itself.  For the year 2009, the house produced significantly more energy than it used.

Double stud, R42 walls insulated with cellulose insulation.
R100 cellulose attic insulation.
Triple glazed R5 windows with R7 interior thermal shutters.
Very good infiltration sealing.
Emphasis on south windows for solar passive gain.
Concrete slab floors for heat storage thermal mass.
Solar water heating
Solar air heating collector to for additional space heating.
Exceptionally efficient appliances and lighting.
Heat recovery ventilation system.
Efficient mini-split heat pump for heating and AC.
4.9 KW grid-tied PV array supplies all electrical power and then some.

Double stud R42 cellulose insulated walls
Total cost of the house without land is $180,000.

Altogether, and exceptional house.

Thanks very much to Doug and Tina for providing this material.


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