Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Content on Build-It-Solar

Pop Can Collector From Sweden

A very nicely done aluminum pop/beer can collector.  Lots of attention to detail, and lots of good assembly pictures.  In Swedish, but the pictures plus Google translator make it quite readable.
Pop can solar air heating collectors force room air through connected columns of black painted aluminum soda cans.  The sun heats the pop cans and the heat is transferred to the air.  The even distribution of airflow and large heat transfer area should make them efficient collectors.
Details here...

Update on Chad's Solar Heating System
ChadUpdate.jpgChad has made a number of changes to his solar water and space heating system.  He has also logged and measured the performance of the system.

All the details and performance graphs...

Efficient Inflation System for Double Skin Poly Greenhouses
poly skinned greenhouses use two layers of poly with a small blower
inflating the space PolyBlower.jpgbetween the layers.  This gives you cheap double
glazing, and reduces heat loss.
Most of blowers are set up to run 24/7,
but this article shows a way to cut down the run time dramatically using a
small pressure switch and a very simple check valve.  With the check
valve, the blower runs only when enough air leaks out to the point of
needing reinflation.

Details here...

Facebook Page
I've put up a page for Build-It-Solar on Facebook. 
Basically I have no clue how this all works, so if you have any ideas for the Facebook page, please let me know.

We just broke 500 fans today, so have to be doing something right :)
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