Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some New Stuff

This is just a collection of some interesting (at least to me) items added tot he site over the last week or so....

Harvesting Fresh Water From Fog
Areas with regular daily fogs (e.g. some coastal areas) can harvest impressive amounts of FogHarvesting.jpgfresh water from the fog.  Nets catch the fog and then channel droplets from the fog into a catch basin. 


Booklet on "Hot Water From Your Woodstove"
This is a good 45 page booklet from Lehman's describing a couple systems for adding a heatWoodStoveHotWater.jpg exchanger coil to the firebox in your woodstove to heat water.  Good detail on both thermosyphon and pumped systems, and lots of information on troubleshooting and doing the installation safetly.


Skysails -- Kites for Towing Ships
These are large kites that can be deployed under favorable wind conditions to reduce fuel SkySails.jpgconsumption.  With favorable winds, fuel consumption can be reduced as much as 50%.
Operation of the Skysails is largely automatic.


Homes From Cylindrical Grain Storage Bins
A collection of links to homes made from cylindrical steel grain bins.  These homes offer a GrainBinHomes.jpgthermally efficient shape, and some options for good insulation thickness -- plus and interesting look.




  1. The Skysails kite is really interesting. I'm a stunt kite enthusiast and have a couple of kites of that style (much smaller, of course). A stacked set of two 16 sq ft Flexifoils can easily ski me up a beach and I've used a kite buggy on occasion. This past summer I vacationed on Iles de la Madeleine, a Mecca for kite surfers, and spent hours watching them speed up and down the coast. I never thought of kites to help with propelling a large ship....but why not!

  2. Hi,
    Its kind of interesting (I guess) that the Queen Mary 2 gets 0.00753 mpg. I wonder how long its going to be before people begin to say -- that's not good enough -- I'm not going to take a vacation on something that uses that much fuel. Maybe there will be a day when cruise liners use SkySails for less carbon intensive cruising?
    Source of the 0.00753 mpg (and lots of other fascinating mpg numbers):

  3. 40 feet per gallon!!!!! :-O

  4. "Homes From Cylindrical Grain Storage Bins" These people are really smart, powerful! I have not seen so beautiful farm.
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