Saturday, July 24, 2010

One BIG and One small Micro-Hydro Project + a Micro-Hydro Calculator

This entry covers a couple nice micro-hydro projects as well as a good calculator for estimating micro-hydro system output.

Micro-Hydro Calculator
This is a nice and easy to use calculator that provides both power output and optimal pipe size for a given vertical drop, flow rate and pipe length.  This calculator has a good deal more capability than most of the small hydro system calculator, but is still very easy to use.

The calculator is a small program that you download and run on your own computer.

Details here...

Judy of the Woods New Hydro System
Judy is a very self-reliant person who lives on her own homestead in Wales.  Her website has a wealth of information on living a simple and self-reliant  life.

Anyway, Judy has managed to combine the output from a few springs and route them downhill several hundred feet to a small hydro generator.

Details on Judy's new hydro system here...

A Big Micro-Hydro System
This is a detailed description of a relatively large micro-hydro system in Chile.
Turgo runner for the hydro generator

The system uses  a long run of 6 inch PVC pipe to run a Turgo wheel turbine that drives an about 4KW synchronous brushless AC generator.
The synchronous generator with runner attached.

Lots of detailed pictures covering the whole hydro installation...



  1. The big and small micro-hydro project seems like a great project. However, it is more involving, I suppose. I will try something similar, but at a smaller scale. I found some pretty good ideas here:


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