Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two Water Savers: Todd's dual flush toilet, and a Laundry to Landscape Grey Water Recovery System

Dual Flush Toilet Install
Todd sends in a first hand report on installing and living with his family's new dual flush toilet
Its good to see a first hand report on performance in that there are still people who don't think that a one gallon flush is enough -- Todd would strongly disagree (so would I based our our dual flush toilet experience).

Details on installing and living with a dual flush toilet from Todd...

More on efficient toilets and other water conserving stuff...

A Laundry to Landscape Grey Water Recycling System
This is an account of installing the laundry water recycling system from the Homegrown Evolution blog.  The system design comes from Oasis Design, which has a lot of information on various types of simple grey water recycling systems, and some good books.

These systems allow laundry water which would otherwise just contribute to overtaxing the municipal sewer system to instead by used for landscape watering.

Links to more detail on both systems...

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