Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greg's Pop-Can Solar Air Heating Collector

Greg's solar air heating collector uses recycled aluminum soda pop cans for the absorber. The pop cans have the tops and bottoms drilled out, and are assembled into vertical columns that the air passes through. 
In operation, the black painted soda pop cans are heated by the sun, warming the air that is flowing up through the cans.

Greg's finished pop-can collector
 A manifold at the bottom evenly distributes room air to all the can columns, and a similar manifold at the top of the collector collects the heated air for distribution back to the room.
Lots of cans!

The combination of uniform air distribution to the whole collector and the large amount of heat transfer area from the cans to the air makes for an efficient collector. Greg's collector also uses Twinwall polycarbonate glazing -- this is a type of double glazing that reduces heat loss and increases the efficiency of the collector.

Detail of upper manifold.

 Greg sent in a very detailed (22 page) description of the full construction process with lots of pictures.

All the details on Greg's pop-can solar air heating collector here...

Thanks very much to Greg for documenting and sending in this project!

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