Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nicely Done Pipe Coil Style Solar Pool Heater in Tuscany

This is a nicely designed and carefully constructed solar pool heater for a swimming pool in Tuscany.

Quite a bit of detail is provided on the construction and the performance.  
The plumbing arrangement is particularly flexible.

The measured performance data indicate that the pipe coils achieve the same efficiency per square foot of area as conventional rubber mat style pool heating collectors.

I think that a trip to Tuscany to do field research on this is required :)

Closeup of one of the pipe coils.

The plumbing layout for the pipe coils.
Direct link to all the details on the Tuscany pool heater...
Thanks very much to Steve for suggesting this.

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  1. Where there's a will there is a way. Does not look too bad either... but with a little more work the pool heaters could be placed on a platform and the pipes could go underground.

  2. I would like to add to What JC Says.
    The pipes which are open rather than covering them up underground will help to minimise the heat losses occuring via radiation, as we can see the pipes are black, which may even add up to some amount of heat to the water being transferred to the pool. Can I ask what is the pipe made up of. Is it a normal PVC pipe or any special purpose pipe??

  3. Yes -- I suppose that just running the black pipes over the ground surface just increases the collector area a bit.

    The article says the pipes are "low density polyethylene" -- I think that it the US that probably amounts to the "utility" grade black poly pipe. Maybe it would be a good idea to use pope with the NSF stamp for potable water since the water goes right out of and into the pool?


  4. OOOps I dont read properly sometimes. Forgive me for that. I guess prolonged exposure of these pipes to the sun ultimately makes them brittle in nature. I have seen one of these pipes break even because of added pressure.

    Making it a piped pool water heater is also a good measure as internal deposition of salts taking place which does happen in solar heating panels. Whereas the piping is pretty inexpensive as compared to the panels.

    I can suggest one more change, paint the wooden boards black, adds up to the heat absorption (even though its wooden). Result more hotter water!!

    But still, this is been wonderfully executed!!
    Great job.

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