Monday, November 1, 2010

Great DIY Websites -- Kris De Voecht's Solar Projects

This is another addition to the series on Great DIY Websites...

Kris's website covers the solar projects that he has tackled with good construction detail.

Kris's DIY collector design.
The projects cover solar space and water heating as well as a solar PV installation.

The thing that really sets Kris's projects apart is the very high level of workmanship that they show.  Everything Kris does is carefully thought out and built with great precision and care.  A good place to get inspiration for taking your workmanship up a notch.

Homemade heat storage tank and heat exchangers.

The website is in Dutch with some pages translated to English -- the Google Translation tool is your friend.

You have to look around a bit to find all the solar projects -- here are a few places to start:

Building solar collectors project - overview...
This page has a list of links to pages that detail the collector and storage construction.  The list is easy to miss -- its right under the "News and blog" entry.

Hot water storage...

The PV project...

Solar home in 1985...

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