Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tom's New/Old Wind Turbine AND Other Solar Projects!

For those who have been following Tom Sullivan's wind turbine project, Tom has made a major change.

He has replaced his Breezy wind turbine with this beautiful, restored 1930's Jacobs wind turbine.  Tom replaced the Breezy because it was not proving to be a good match for the wind speeds at his site.  The Jacobs starts up at much lower speeds, and is doing quite well. 
For Tom's more detailed explanation on the replacement...

For more details on the Jacobs conversion on Tom's site...  (very interesting)

If you have not seen the story on Tom's self built 140 ft tilt up tower and the original turbine installation, its an amazing DIY project...

Tom got involved in renewable energy projects several years ago when he built a large solar air heating collector for his hanger.   He has since done several very well designed and built solar projects for heating his home, domestic hot water, and hot tub.   He wrote up several of these projects for Build-It-Solar, and there is much to learn from them

Tom's projects on Build-It-Solar...

He got so involved in solar projects that he has started a business to make aluminum heat absorber  fins for solar water heating collectors.  Tom's fins are very well made and efficient, and they save the labor of making your own fins for collectors.   Tom has a new website that provides details on a number of solar projects that he and his customers/friends have done as well as ordering info on the fins.

This just goes to show how solar can suck you in!

Tom's website ...

Gary  November 23, 2010
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