Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Go to an Energy Fair This Summer

We are coming up on the season for the big energy fairs.  
The MREA in full swing with the 12 workshop tents visible in the background
These are great way to pick up information on energy saving projects of all kinds.

Most of the fairs include workshops, vendor displays, speakers, ...  A a great way to make face to face  contacts with people who are interested in learning about saving energy.

I've listed a handful of the big ones just below, but there is a list of a hundred or so here listed by state...

If you know of a fair that I missed on the list, please email me with the info -- if at all possible, provide a link to a website where people can get the details on your fair. 

Again, the ones listed about are just a small sampling --see my full list here, and also Google for an energy fair in your own area.

Thanks to Gary for reminding me to remind you.

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