Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mother Earth News Article on Our PV System

Sorry, I have to crow a little -- our DIY grid-tied PV system is the "Top Story" in the new issue of Mother Earth News, and is on the cover!

This is the June-July 2011 Mother Earth News and is out on the our local newstands now (May 25). 

This is the system I put in my back yard last year.  Its a grid-tied system and uses the Enphase micro-inverter grid-tie scheme.  In this arrangement, each PV module gets its own small (190 watt) grid-tie inverter.  These micro-inverters are daisy chained together, and the combined output is carried back to the house as 240 VAC house power.  After going through a disconnect switch, the power just hooks up to any free circuit breaker in your regular breaker box.

One of the interesting features of the Enphase system is that it sends data back over the intrnet to the Enphase mother ship, and they provide a webpage for your site that can be monitored via an internet browser.  This is the page for my PV array...

I did all the work on the system myself, and found the whole process pretty straightforward  -- even the permitting and utility company people were friendly and helpful. 

The article has quite a bit of detail on the system, but if you want more detail, there are many pages of information on the design, permiting, building and performance of the system here...

The article is now online at the Mother Earth News Site...

My system is a grid-tied system, so if the grid goes down, so does my PV.  If you are interested in off-grid gird-tied with battery backup, there is lots of info those systems here...


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  1. Will anxiously await for my copy to hit my mailbox!


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