Friday, March 9, 2012

Time In a Can -- Pinhole Solargraphy

Kevin has sent in the details for a really interesting project that combines pinhole photography and seasonal solar paths through the sky.  This would make a really nice school project for learning about both pinhole photography and understanding the path of the sun across the sky through the seasons.

A couple month Solargraphy "photo"
The project uses a pinhole camera made from an aluminium can to capture images of the suns path through the sky for an extended period.  The picture just above shows an example for 54 days.

Pinhole camera operation

The pinhole camera captures an image on photographic paper.  Kevin gives all the details on how to get the pinhole size right and how to set up the photographic paper in the can.

Putting the pinhole in the aluminum can.
Once the camera is done, you mount it outdoors with a view of the southern sky and wait.

A Solargraphy camera setup outside.
All the details on how-to on Solargraphy...

Gary March 8, 2012
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