Thursday, February 28, 2013

ASES Solar Citizen Program

ASES (American Solar Energy Society) has been been working for more than 50 years to bring about a transition to solar and renewable energy in the US.

ASES has started a new program called the Solar Citizen that is aimed at providing families with the information and tools needed to get their own solar energy projects going.

"We know that most Americans would produce their own clean local energy if it were easy and affordable. We don’t tell you why you should want it. We tell you ­how to get it. We show you who figured it out, and how they did it. We connect you to news and tools to help make it happen on your home, in your town, on your farm, on your church, or on your school."

The latest addition of the Solar Citizen Newsletter "Do-It-Yourself Solar", provides some good information and links for DIY projects and information.

I think its great to see ASES concentrating on helping families get the practical information and tools they need to get solar projects done, and in particular the interest in DIY projects.  Please let them know you think this is a good direction.

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