Thursday, August 28, 2014

DIY Composting Toilet for RV's and Small Spaces

Gordon and Sue provide detailed information on designing, building, and successfully using a compact composting toilet that he built for their small RV.

Gordon's DIY composting toilet is based on a recycled plastic barrel that was used to ship olives.  

The toilet seat was salvaged from an RV toilet.

The box surrounding the barrel has all the supplies needed to keep the toilet running smoothly.

A small muffin fan (1.3 watts) continuously draws fresh air from the RV into the composting chamber and exhausts it to the black duct to the outside.  This keeps the composting process aerobic and eliminates any smell.

A picture of the small RV that the composting toilet is used in and the venting outlet for the toilet.

Probably even more valuable than the how to build it information is the how to successfully use the composting toilet so that it works well and produces no odor.  Between the RV and their tiny cabin, Gordon and Sue have many years of experience living successfully with various composting toilets.

For the full story on Gordon and Sue's composting toilet...

In addition to the material on Gordon's composting toilet, I've added a section on composting toilets for RV's and small spaces with some good info on compact commercial composting toilets and how to use them...

August 28, 2014
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