Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Passive Solar Home Using Below Floor Soil Heat Storage

Josh built this very unique passive solar home in Missouri. The house incorporates the usual south glazing to gather solar heat and good insulation to reduce heating requirements.  But, it also has a unique heat storage capability using the soil under the main floor.  And, a unique cooling system that makes use of the same soil heat store.

Passive solar home with under floor heat storage
 The home has a 2 foot deep earth heat storage bank under the slab floor of the house.  During sunny periods, solar heated air from the main floor is circulated through ducts embedded in the heat store in order to store heat for use during the evening.  This has the added benefit of reducing the chance of overheating the main floor as sometimes happens on passive solar homes.

To provide cooling in the summer, cool well water will be circulated through pex tubes embedded in the under floor heat store.

Solar heated air is circulated through these under floor ducts to add heat to the heat store.
All the details on this unique design here...

Thanks very much to Josh for providing information on this unique design.
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