Saturday, August 8, 2009

Matt's "$1K" Solar Water Heating System

This is Matt's version of the $1K type solar water
heating system.  Matt tried a few new things that might be just what you
are looking for.  One of Matt's innovations is what might be the worlds
first bicycle powered groove forming machine!

Matt is a very good craftsman, and
provides a wealth of interesting alternative ways of making the components.


Some of the unique features of Matt's

- A unique forming machine to
form the groove in the aluminum fins.

- A new method of attaching the fins to the copper tubes.


- A copper heat exchanger that
uses 6 parallel coils of 3/8 inch copper pipe.


- a galvanized metal collector


- A steel tank instead of the
EPDM lined plywood tank.

- Glass for glazing instead of polycarbonate.

Thanks very much to Matt for taking
the time to document this project!

All the details on Matt's system here...

For those who have not seen it, the $1K Solar Water Heating system aims at providing a quality solar water heating system with a high solar fraction that is simple and easy to build and will work in cold climates.
All the details on the $1K system here...

More examples of $1K systems here...

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