Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Easy/Good DIY LED Can Light Retrofit

Home Depot is selling a nice and easy to install LED retrofit for can lights.  We decided to try one as we have lots of can lights that would benefit from an efficient retrofit.

It is equivalent to a 65 watt incandescent, and has a 2700K color temperature -- nice and warm.   Output is 575 lumen.  Power consumption 10.5 watts.
Price is $40 -- kind of pricey, but see the payback comments below.  Claimed life is 20 years.

It is said to be dimmable, but apparently not all dimmers are compatible with it.

The 117 reviews on the HD site show a nearly 5 out of 5 stars with very few unhappy people.  Lots of very favorable comments.

The installation was relatively easy.  You take out the old can light bezel and remove the stuff holding the old can socket in place.  You then rotate out the little metal wings on the new fixture and just push it up into the old can housing -- very simple.  They can be removed by rotating the fixture CCW.

The springy metal pieces wedge into the existing can
light housing to hold the new fixture in place.
We also sealed up the openings and cracks in the existing can housing to reduce infiltration.

If you are going from incandescent bulbs to this LED, the saving is 55 watts.  This adds up pretty quickly.  For our usage and power costs, the payback period on saved electricity is only about 3 years. 

The lighting is very nice.

Nice warm lighting.

All the details on the installation and the payback calculations here...

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