Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mother Earth News Article on Our Solar Water and Space Heating System

The new (February 2012) issue of Mother Earth News has an article on our DIY solar system that heats water for domestic use AND also provides space heating.

The article provides a good and detailed overview of the system in about 5 pages--

- If you want a good detailed overview of how the system works to see if it might be for you, go to the Mother Earth Article -- its available on the Mother Earth website here...

- If you decide you want a much more detailed version that covers the full design as well as design alternatives, and provides detailed build instructions, then go to the 100 page write up here...

The MEN article.

The emphasis for this system was to provide both solar space heating and solar domestic water heating while still keeping the system simple and easy to build.  All the lessons learned over the past five years by me and others who have built the system are included.

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